Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Two Weeks in Winter ~ Day 6

 A blue Heron in flight after it was scared away from my neighbors Koi pond in front of her house! I saw it land on her roof and quick grabbed my camera an ran outside. It took off and I just started clicking away! Thank goodness my camera focused on the bird n not the trees! It was taken this time last year! (cheat cheat)

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Annie said...

What a gorgeous shot. And what drama (on so many levels. The threatened fish; the camera that might have focused wrongly; the potential for a completely missed opportunity. This was truly a success all the way around.

Happy New Year,

Faye said...

Oh, that beautiful wingspan and you caught him/her just at the "level off". Love the clean lines of the heron against the misty treetops.

Re cheating: since you and I are the only ones posting, I think, we can just bend the rules as we need to, right? :-)

eileeninmd said...

WOw, beautiful capture of the heron in flight! Happy New year, Eileen!

Sandy said...

What a great shot! He's a big one too (o:

Roan said...

Lucky shot! There is a blue heron that hangs out around my brother's pond, but so far I haven't been able to sneak up on him.