Saturday, October 1, 2011

Early Fall Landscape ~ Day 9

What says more about Early Fall Landscape then Friday night lights...Football!  High school and Middle school football. Big deal here in our neck of the woods. Of course it wouldn't be football without those cute little being my next to oldest Grand daughter...we call her nature girl!
                  Nature girl is the second from the right...she is the smallest on her squad.
                                 It was a good game ...our team The Colts won 40 to 8
                    FYI...I was just there to see the girls...hehe...Jer was watching the game!


Faye said...

I have another friend who provides weather reports from her son's football games. If he plays this weekend it's going to be a chilly report!

First year of cheering for Nature Girl? Double up on the calcium! :-) Oh, what time were you shooting these photos?

Roan said...

I don't go to the HS football games much, but Hubby likes to go see the school he teaches at play my hometown HS. He roots for his school, I root for mine!