Friday, September 30, 2011

Fall Fun ~ Day 8

 One really really fall fun thing every year is......Halloween....dressing up n being silly is a blast!!!
Dancing in the middle of the street with a "Ghoul" during the township Halloween parade is also a ton of fun!!!
These were from last years festivities. Already planning for another fun filled night again this year!!
                                 why dont you just go on over to here to see more Fall Fun!


Pamela said...

I think I need to get my "rockin granny" award out to present again. giggle!

Faye said...

Grandmother! What big shoes and hair you have--and a bit of a cosmetic problem with that red nose, huhm? Glad your community gets together to celebrate Halloween. Around here it's very boring. I rake leaves and pass out candy until it gets dark.

Your meme host is a bit behind this a.m. My post will be up soon.

Roan said...

Love, love, love that costume!