Monday, September 26, 2011

Soup Weather ~ Day 4

When the leaves turn colors and drop to the ground...the chill in the air makes me drag out
my soup pot!  Nothing like a brisk walk in the cool fresh air to make you want some piping hot soup!
Rainy days make me feel the same way! Do I hear "Chicken Corn Soup" YUMMMMM


Twain12 said...

soup is the best...great pictures

nonizamboni said...

Chicken corn soup--that is such a wonderful PA dish...remember it well.
Beautiful autumn sentiments too.

Faye said...

Fall leaves are just fantastic in the range of color and shape and you've captured some beauties, Janis. I have Progresso chicken corn soup, but am sure it's a poor substitute for your rainy day in PA variety!

Pam said...

The corn soup sounds as good as your photos look, Jan.
Hugs an smiles :D

Pamela said...

Hey... another favorite soup. I love corn chowder. ymmmmm! I tried to get a picture of the raindrops on the car windows at the park (when I was out walking) ... but the light wasn't cooperating. We don't have many pretty leaves yet. October.

La Principessa Errante said...

Always love to see the photos of people that live in spots that get such beautiful fall colors, these are all so wonderful and really show off the season.