Monday, January 2, 2012

Two Weeks in Winter ~ Day 12

                                                 Snow bird in my  Cherry Tree

                                      to see more winter shots...just click here


Faye said...

This photo would make a great piece of fabric poster art.

I've been a bit behind with blog commenting and posting lately. Some caregiving issues with my sister. Things are getting back on keel again, thankfully. So you and Jer have headed south for winter break? For sure, enjoy yourselves and I'll look forward to pics.

Pam said...

Nice winter shot, Janis.. soon you and Jer will be considered snow birds too!
You enjoy the best of both worlds my friend.
Warm hugs'

Carole said...

Looks very much like a shot I took of a chickadee in my sweet gum not too long ago. lol