Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Two Weeks in Winter ~ Day 14

My last pics of winter! These were taken just 3days before the New Year...we had a light dusting of snow! Being snowbirds...Jer n I flew/drove south for the winter on Jan 1. So happy to leave the cold temps of the N.East to some warmer sunny weather here in Brunswick/Golden Isles Ga. Looking forward to some more photos ops with birds n water in them along with the gorgeous huge oaks n Spanish moss! stay tuned my friends!  Thanks to Faye for hosting his fun challenge of winter shots!

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Faye said...

Can't help being excited when we get the first snow that sticks enough to see in a photo. I know you all got more than you bargained for with your fall snow.

I look forward to the photo journal of the "snowbirds flown south". Another friend just "flew" to Destin on New Year's Day. Thanks for ushering in winter with me, Janis.